Human-first writer and out-of-the-box thinker.

(served up with a side of funky cocktail recipes and a twist of abstract art)

My mom would tell you that ever since I was young, I’d bring home “lost souls.” To me, these were simply new friends who just needed a hug and maybe a Twinkie. But we often mirror what we see growing up. Watching my mom help people throughout her career wove mental health and social justice into the fabric of my life before it was an HR box to check. So it’s no surprise I studied psychology and earned my Master’s in social work.

I’ve always reveled in people’s stories, whether through my work in nonprofits or serving folks during happy hour. To me, mental health and hospitality are one and the same: helping people, giving space for self-expression, and connecting them to services (or sangria). I’ve been told I have a superpower to redirect people to think more open-mindedly, and I strive to use that power in all I do.

My love of amplifying the tales of those I meet guided me toward a career as a full-time content writer. I specialize in SEO blog writing, website copy, and social media content for purpose-driven and mission-focused brands.

I built my writing career on Fiverr (no shame, lol) as a side hustle, but have now grown it into a full-time business. A creative force with a deep commitment to both storytelling and human connection, I’ve worked with 125+ clients across 18 countries. I’ve written for mental health, wellness, and social justice organizations (with a dash of beauty, edtech, workforce development, and food & beverage brands).

If you’re looking for a writer to speak passionately to your audience or just want to trade cocktail recipes, let’s chat about how we can stir things up together.